Orioles’ Denis Martinez Says He’s Licked Drinking Problem

Associated Press

Baltimore Orioles pitcher Denis Martinez, who toasted his Winter League victories here with cola, says his alcohol problem is solved.

“I don’t plan to ever drink again,” Martinez said. “For a person like me, who was addicted, alcohol is like death.”

Martinez said his Winter League action with the Santurce Crabbers was part of his rehabilitation. “My arm isn’t in top shape, but my mind is clear--I’m recovering.”


Martinez said he looked forward to talking to St. Louis Cardinals outfielder-first baseman David Green--another Nicaraguan player who has had problems with alcohol--at the Caribbean Series in Mexico. Green plays for the Dominican Republic’s Winter League champions, the Licey Tigers.

“I want to talk to him because he has the same problem I had,” Martinez said. “I’d like to give him some guidance because David is just starting out in baseball and he could ruin his career.”