Owners of property on the site of a former Carson landfill are behind schedule in their plans for construction of a device that would remove seeping methane gas. The potentially explosive gas has been found at levels more than 10 times that considered safe.

Plans for construction of the first phase of a methane gas collection system at the former landfill, now the site of Imperial Carson Mobile Estates, were to be approved by county officials Feb. 10, in compliance with orders served to the property owners in October.

Such plans have not yet been received, according to Carson district engineer Gary Nehrenberg, who said that the county this week sent notification of the delay to property owners Martin Adams of Houston and Irene Setrakian of Fresno.

Nehrenberg said BCL Associates Inc., the Long Beach engineering firm contracted by property owners to design the system, submitted preliminary plans for county approval in early January. The plans were returned by the county Jan 18. with a request to make an array of changes, he said. Officials have not heard from the engineering firm or the property owners since then, according to Nehrenberg.

If property owners fail to make a "good faith effort" to meet the construction schedule, Nehrenberg said, the city will file suit.

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