Suit Delays Trial of Girl Linked to Death of Gas Station Worker

Opening statements in the trial of Beatrice Adeline Jones, a 16-year-old accused of taking part in a conspiracy to kill West Covina service station operator Celso Alvarez last August, have been delayed by a lawsuit filed on the girl's behalf.

Jones, who, along with her family claims to be a sovereign entity and therefore immune from prosecution, named 29 individuals, including policemen, judges and county employees, in the suit. It was filed Feb. 20 in Pomona Superior Court by the girl and her parents.

The suit seeks damages for fraud, trespass and violation of Jones' sovereign rights, and the list of names includes Superior Court Judge Carol Fieldhouse of the Pomona Juvenile Court, who was scheduled to hear her trial Monday. Jones said Fieldhouse was among those who violated her rights and seeks $21 from him in damages.

"Beatrice keeps saying 'No one seems to understand my point,' " Fieldhouse said in an interview Wednesday. "Clearly, I understand her position. I just disagree with her. Constitutionally, she has a right to be wrong, and I think she may be exercising it."

"I don't think he's (the judge) ever had anyone talk back to him like I did," Jones said.

On March 7, a juvenile court judge in Los Angeles is scheduled to hear Jones' motion to remove Fieldhouse from the case because of alleged prejudice and conflict.

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