Writers of television dramas about nuclear holocaust, the Pope, a missing boy, murdered missionaries, a Soviet dissident and three generations of women in one family have won nominations from the Writers Guild.

Named in the category of Original TV Drama Anthology were Edward Hume for "The Day After" on ABC; Christopher Knopf for "John Paul II," CBS; Allen Leicht for "Adam," NBC; John Pielmeier for "Choices of the Heart," NBC; David Rintels for "Sakharov," HBO; Leonora Thuna and Stefanie Powers for "Family Secrets," NBC.

The winners in these and other TV and radio categories will be announced along with movie winners (whose nominees were previously announced) at dinners March 20 in Beverly Hills and New York.

Among multiple nominees were "Cheers" and "Hill Street Blues," with three nominations each. In radio categories, "The New Heartbeat Theater" took six nominations.

The TV and radio nominees included the following:

Original TV Drama Anthology: "The Day After," Edward Hume, ABC; "John Paul II," Christopher Knopf, CBS; "Adam," Allan Leicht, NBC; "Choices of the Heart," John Pielmeier, NBC; "Sakharov," David Rintels, HBO; "Family Secrets," Leonora Thuna and Stefanie Powers, NBC.

Adapted TV Drama Anthology: "The Dollmaker," Susan Cooper and Hume Cronyn, based on a novel by Harriette Arnow, ABC; "The Cafeteria," Ernest Kinoy, based on a short story by Isaac Bashevis Singer, PBS; "Between Friends," Shelly List and Jonathan Estrin, from List's novel, HBO.

Original or Adapted TV Comedy Anthology: "One Cooks, the Other Doesn't," Larry Grusin, CBS; "Hobson's Choce," Burt Prelutsky, based on a play by Harold Brighouse, CBS.

Episodic TV Drama: "Hill Street Blues"--Jeffrey Lewis, Michael Wager, Karen Hall and Mark Frost for "Grace Under Pressure," Lewis Wagner Frost and David Milch for "Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow"; Milch and Mark Frost for "Death by Kiki," NBC; "St. Elsewhere"--John Masius and Tom Fontana for "Hello and Goodbye" and John Ford Noonan for "The Women," NBC; "Cagney & Lacey," Peter Lefcourt for "Victimless Crime," CBS; and "Trauma Center," Renee and Harry Longstreet for "Turnaround," ABC.

Episodic TV Comedy: "Cheers"--David Angell for "Old Flames," Heide Perlman for "Affairs of the Heart," and Michael Weithorn for "Sumner's Return," NBC; "The Duck Factory," Allan Burns for "Goodbye Buddy, Hello Skip," NBC; "Family Ties," Gary David Goldberg and Ruth Bennett for "Not An Affair to Remember," NBC; "AfterMASH," Everett Greenbaum and Elliot Reid for "Night Shift," CBS; "Too Close For Comfort," Arne Sultan and Earl Barret for "Ship Mates," syndicated; "Night Court," Reinhold Weege for "Once in Love With Harry," NBC.

TV Musical or Comedy Variety: "The Screen Actors Guild 50th Anniversary Special," Buz Kohan, CBS; "The American Film Institute Salute to Lillian Gish," George Stevens Jr. and Joseph McBride, CBS; "Bedrooms," Renee Taylor and Joseph Bologna, pay TV.

Multi-Part Long Form TV Series: "The First Olympics -- Athens 1896," Part I, Charles Gary Allison and William Bast, NBC; "The Jesse Owens Story," Part II, Harold Gast, syndicated.

TV Children's Shows: "A Different Twist," an "ABC Weekend Special," Dianne Dixon; "Cougar," an "ABC Weekend Special," Stephen H. Foreman; "The Great Love Experiment," an "ABC Afternoon Special," Jeffrey Kindley; and "Goodbye Mr. Hooper," for "Sesame Street," Norman Stiles.

TV Documentary, Current Events: The "Star Wars" sequence of "Crossroads," Elena Mannes, CBS; "Paradise Lost," Robert Northshield, CBS; "Operation Corkscrew," on "60 Minutes," Albert Wasserman, CBS; "Nuclear Strategy For Beginners," Robert Zalisk, WGBH.

TV Documentary, Other Than Current Events: "Alcoholism: Life Under the Influence," Thea Chalow, WGBS; "LBJ Goes To War, (Vietnam: A Television History)," H. Austin Hoyt, WGBH; "Among the Wild Chimpanzees," Barbara Jampel, WQED; "The First Vietnam War -- 1946-1954," Judith Vecchione, WGBH.

TV Spot News: "A Selection Of Spot News Scripts," for "CBS Evening News," Mervin Block; "News in Review -- 8-26-84," for "CBS Sunday Morning," Lindsay Miller; and "CBS Evening News With Dan Rather --10-23-83," Sandor Polster, John Mosedale and Hugh Heckman.

Daytime TV Serial: "Guiding Light," Pamela Hammer, Stephanie Braxton, Trent Jones, John Kuntz, Jeff Ryder, Addie Walsh, Robin Amos, Carolyn Culliton, Charles Jay Hammer, Gail Lawrence, Michelle Lisanti, Sam Ratcliffe, Pete Rich, Emily Squires and Christopher Whitsell, CBS, and "Search For Tomorrow," Gary Tomlin, Jeanne Glynn, Courtney Simon, Robin Amos, Norman Borisoff, Louisa Burns-Bisogno, Judy Lewis, Juliet Packer, Jule Selbo, Diane Silver, Noreen Stone, Emily Squires, Leslie Thomas, Phyllis White, Robert White and Stephen Wardwell, NBC.

Radio Documentary: "Chicago's Christmases Past," WBBM Chicago, James T Benes; "Greenlight or Gridlock;" KNX Los Angeles, Frankie Highland; and "Exploring America: After Columbus," Norman Morris, Peter Freundlich and Mary Lou Teel.

Radio News: "News of the Day: Sept. 13, 1983," J. Chris Berry, CBS; "World News This Week: Feb. 26, 1984," ABC; and "News of the Day: Oct. 13, 1983," David Ysais, CBS.

Radio Drama:"Lonely Rivers" segment of "The New Heartbeat Theater," syndicated, John A. Boyle; "Second Debut" segment of the "New Heartbeat Theater," syndicated, April Dammann; "The Next War" segment of "The Stereo Theater," American Public Radio, Jan Hartman; and "Shadow of Night" segment of "The New Heartbeat Theater," Michael Utvich.

Radio Comedy: "Goodbye, Walter, Goodbye" segment of "The New Heartbeat Theater," syndicated, John A. Boyle; and "The Calumet" segment of "The New Heartbeat Theater," syndicated, Dick Ryal.

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