Phone Company Begins Delivery of of Spanish-Language Yellow Pages

Spanish-speaking Angelenos can now let their "fingers do the walking" through Las Paginas Amarillas , Pacific Bell's new Spanish-language Yellow Pages directory, in which, the company assures them, " de la A a la Z, todo es facil de encontrar . . . en un abrir y cerrar de hojas " (literally, "from A to Z, it's easy to find . . . in an open and close of pages," or, more freely, the blink of an eye).

Delivery of the new directory began last month, covering an area stretching east from about La Brea Avenue to the Long Beach Freeway, and south from about Pasadena to about Huntington Park. A second Spanish Yellow Pages delivery covering the southern Los Angeles area is scheduled for delivery in May; a third, due in August, will cover the San Gabriel area.

Free distribution is based on Latino surnames listed in the Pacific Bell White Pages directories for these areas. They will be available free also to such heavily patronized sites as hotels and motels, immigration offices, grocery stores and theaters.

Copies can be ordered by calling 1-800-551-4400.

The trio of directories, written entirely in Spanish, will reach about 1.5 million people, according to Pacific Bell, including 535,000 Latino households (based on surnames), 6,000 businesses and 180,000 newcomers. Every fifth resident in California is Latino, the company estimates, and 70% of them live in the Southland--2.5 million in Los Angeles County.

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