Reagan Urges Direct Talks in Middle East

United Press International

President Reagan met with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak today and emerged to call for direct talks between Israeli and Palestinian leaders as the best road to peace.

Reagan, in a departure statement, did not indicate that he approves immediate direct talks with the Palestine Liberation Organization--something Mubarak has sought. But his emphasis on direct negotiations indicated that talks with other Palestinian leaders would be acceptable.

"The path to peace is through direct negotiations," Reagan said. "The United States continues to believe such negotiations should take place" between Israel and its Arab adversaries.

"The United States takes an active interest" in the latest developments between Jordan and the PLO, Reagan said.

Mubarak said he found his talk with Reagan "most constructive and rewarding. We agree together on the centrality of the Palestinian question" in trying to bring peace to the Mideast.

"I'm confident the United States will act to keep the momentum going," the Egyptian said.

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