Hermosa Beach

A majority of city police officers have "no confidence" in Police Chief Frank Beeson, who is under indefinite suspension as a result of allegations that he was intoxicated while on duty at the station, according to a vote by the Hermosa Beach Police Assn.

Wally Moore, president of the 36-officer association, said the vote was taken last Friday and city officials have been notified of the results. Moore refused to elaborate on the vote, citing a fear of lawsuits.

Beeson was suspended in late February by City Manager Gregory T. Meyer after Meyer received several oral complaints from officers and a written complaint from a police officer's wife.

Beeson, 54, was also suspended four years ago, about two weeks after he was appointed chief, when he appeared at a City Council meeting intoxicated, according to city officials.

City police, under acting chief Captain John Mebius, are conducting an internal affairs investigation into the complaints against Beeson.

Moore said that the association, which has been embroiled in unsuccessful contract negotiations with the city for several months, had also considered taking a vote of confidence on Beeson last November--before the recent allegations. However, a motion to take a vote at that time was tabled, Moore said.

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