13 Suspected Cycle Gang Members Seized in Raids

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Police raided four residences in the San Fernando Valley and Lompoc Friday and arrested 13 suspected members of a motorcycle gang, seized weapons and uncovered an apparent narcotics laboratory in a garage, authorities said.

The raids were conducted as part of an investigation into the rape and kidnaping of a Northridge woman.

Those arrested in the early morning raids are believed to be members of the Diablos, an "outlaw motorcycle gang" in Southern California with chapters in the Valley, Riverside and Lompoc, said Los Angeles Police Lt. Bob Ruchoft of the Gang Activities Division.

Five women and two men, ages 22 to 43, were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to manufacture narcotics at a residence in the 7100 block of Sophia Avenue in Van Nuys, where police said they discovered a crude laboratory with chemicals and equipment to produce methamphetamine, a strong stimulant.

Guns Found

About 30 rifles and handguns were taken from the house, along with explosive devices and four pounds of crystallized methamphetamine, police said.

At a second Van Nuys house in the 17400 block of Chase Street, police arrested two men and two women, ages 23 to 33, on suspicion of kidnaping, rape and extortion. Two additional suspects were arrested on suspicion of the same charges at a Van Nuys apartment on Kester Avenue and at a house in Lompoc.

Detective Roseanne Perino said the raids culminated a three-week investigation into the rape and kidnaping. Perino said that, according to the victim's report, six people armed with guns and knives invaded her house about 10 p.m. on Feb. 21 and threatened to kill her 6-year-old son if she did not cooperate with their demands.

The woman was taken to a Sepulveda location for four hours, where she was allegedly raped by eight men, Perino said. The woman was taken back to her house and was warned by her captors not to notify police, Perino said.

'Gang Reprisal'

"She worked in a bar in Van Nuys where they hang out," Perino said. "For some reason, they developed a grudge against her. This was apparently their form of gang reprisal."

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