Chief Gates Hails Meese

Every American who is fed up with the intolerable amount of crime that has been eating away at our basic freedoms should applaud the confirmation of Edwin Meese III as our U.S. attorney general.

Meese is indeed eminently qualified to wage a winnable war against violent crime. His credentials for coordinating a national effort to reduce our society's fear of criminals, by decreasing the reality of criminal activity, are unassailable. Those credentials were compiled from experiences as an effective law enforcement practitioner, an influential professor of law, and a capable administrator in government at state as well as national levels.

To aid him in his efforts he is fortunate to inherit a formidable team of assistants from his predecessor, William French Smith. It was Atty. Gen. Smith who demonstrated that aggressive, innovative enforcement can turn a rising tide of criminality. He appointed to the Justice Department and unleashed the brilliance and vigor of prosecutors like Stephen Trott, former Los Angeles County chief deputy district attorney, and Lowell Jensen, former Alameda County district attorney.

Both Trott and Jensen, along with Meese, were tested in the crucible of California's 1960s. They passed the test. I believe that they will do so again. They definitely will have my support.


Chief of Police

Los Angeles

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