Pair Sentenced in Fatal Shooting

An Anaheim man was sentenced on Tuesday to 15 years to life in prison for a fatal shooting that stemmed from a quarrel over a parking space. The man's brother, who actually pulled the trigger, was sentenced to 15 years.

North Orange County Superior Judge James F. Judge imposed the longer sentence on Warren John Romero, 42, who was convicted Feb. 14 of second-degree murder in the shooting of Edward Francis Hines Jr. last July 22.

Judge imposed the 15-year sentence on John Wayne Romero, 37, who was convicted of voluntary manslaughter for actually shooting Hines at his brother's behest. The prosecution charged that Warren John Romero quarreled over a parking spot with William Ray Stelle, with whom Hines was staying.

Prosecutors said Warren summoned his brother to the spot and led him to Stelle's apartment. Stelle was shot and wounded and Hines was fatally shot by John Wayne Romero.

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