Q: I'll soon be traveling to...

Q: I'll soon be traveling to Paris and Marrakech. I want to take along only luggage that I can carry on, but the climates are cold (Paris) then hot (Africa). What clothing should I take? -- G.K.

A: The bi-continental wardrobe illustrated here is climate-controlled, thanks to its modular concept. Start your trip wearing the leather pants and long-sleeved jacket. When you get to Marrakech, unsnap the legs of the pants and-- voila !--you're in shorts. Then, unsnap the sleeves of your jacket, and you're wearing a vest with extended shoulders. Because leather breathes, it can indeed accommodate both climates. Simply fill in the rest of your wardrobe with T-shirts and sweaters, and you're set. For nights in Paris, wear the leather pants with a long sweater. For nights in Marrakech, wear the shorts over your swimsuit. This modular wardrobe is the work of Los Angeles designer Clifford Olson; the pieces can be ordered from him at 7206 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles 90046. The jacket (one size) is $580, and the pants (waist sizes 23, 25, 27, 29, 31 and 33) are $430. Colors include white, black, lapis, mushroom and aqua.

Q: I'm going to Egypt in May and have been told that the weather will be extremely hot. Can I wear shorts, or are they frowned upon? I'm a student and will be traveling with other students . --D.D.

A: If you plan to visit the mosques, shorts would not be appropriate. Women are expected to wear dresses with sleeves and head scarfs. Why not wait until you arrive in Egypt and buy an inexpensive galabia made of internationally famous Egyptian cotton? This long, caftan-like garment is ideally suited to the climate, and you can cut it off when you get back home and wear it as a big over-shirt. Comfortable shoes are essential in Egypt--for the sand, for the rough stone terrain of the archeological sites and for city centers, where road work is constantly in progress.

Q: Can you help us locate a store that carries men's undershorts with snaps and no elastic? We have tried in many department and men's stores but to no avail. --M.K.

A: Classic button-front boxer shorts with adjustable tabs for a precise fit are available in the current catalogue published by Cable Car Clothiers, 150 Post St., San Francisco 94108. The shorts are made of Pima cotton, and there's not a speck of elastic anywhere. They're available in sizes 30 to 46, in white only, three for $51.

Q: Can you please tell me where to find nurse's white support panty hose with cotton feet? --J.S.

A: Support panty hose are available in white or beige--in sizes small, medium, tall and extra-tall--at Andrew Barry Associates, 565 Potter Road, Framingham, Mass. 01701. These panty hose have a cotton crotch and cotton lisle soles with reinforced toes. They're $5.95 a pair.

Q: Where can I find a pattern for a circular skirt with pockets? I was told that I could make one without a pattern by measuring my waistline, adding an inch to the measure, and then cutting those measurements out of the top of a piece of fabric. I am afraid to try it because my fabric might not be wide enough and I would ruin it. I need a pattern. --M.B. A: Simplicity No. 6035 is a pattern for a set of circle and half-circle skirts in two lengths. The pattern includes a special chart on how to work with plaids.

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