D.A. Probe of City Election Clears Cudahy Councilman

Times Staff Writer

The district attorney's office has cleared City Councilman John Robertson of criminal conduct after a 10-month investigation into allegations that he violated election laws while running for office last April.

"Allegations were made against Mr. Robertson and Mr. Joseph Fregeau (an unsuccessful council candidate) during their campaign in April '84 that they were registering non-citizens to vote, that they were promising payment to induce voting, that they were intimidating and threatening voters and making false campaign statements," said Candace Beason, deputy district attorney, special investigations.

The allegations were made by candidate Valerie Hansen, who lost to incumbent Robertson by 28 votes in the heated election battle.

At a May 7, 1984, City Council meeting, Hansen charged that Robertson won through absentee-ballot fraud. After hearing the allegations, the council voted unanimously to ask the district attorney's office to investigate.

But Beason said Thursday that the investigation proved that a "laundry list of 20 to 25 allegations" was unfounded.

"Numerous allegations were made that Mr. Robertson and Mr. Fregeau violated election code provisions during the Cudahy municipal election of 1984," Beason said in her final written report on the investigation.

No Evidence of Lawbreaking

"But after a lengthy and detailed analysis of the facts and law in this matter, the district attorney's office has determined that there is no evidence of criminal conduct by either Mr. Robertson or Mr. Fregeau," the report said. "No further action will be taken by our office in this matter."

No criminal charges were filed in the case. Robertson and Fregeau could not be reached for comment.

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