CBS Announcer Frank Glieber, 51, Collapses While Jogging, and Dies

Associated Press

Frank Glieber, a CBS-TV sports announcer and the original color commentator for the Dallas Cowboys, collapsed while jogging Wednesday and died, apparently of a heart attack.

Glieber, 51, had worked for CBS for 21 years and was sports director at radio station KRLD here. The broadcaster had covered the National Football League, the National Basketball Assn. and golf tournaments, including 18 Masters.

Glieber was jogging around an outdoor track at the Aerobics Center, said Robert Vernon, spokesman for the exclusive health club in North Dallas.

"A runner behind him on the track knew CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and started working on him within 10 seconds. A doctor was on the scene within three minutes," Vernon said. Glieber was taken to Medical City Hospital but died during treatment.

He had been a member of the center since 1978, but Vernon said his "program had been deteriorating. He had a lot of risk factors--he was overweight. I'm sure yesterday was a stressful day with the NFL draft."

Glieber leaves his wife, Kathy, and five children.

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