Campus Protests on South Africa

Apartheid is disgusting, and only a spoilsport would object to student rites of spring directed against those who impose it. Less evident is the reason why students of the University of California focus their campaign for divestment on reserves representing largely the investments of the faculty's retirement fund.

Should the UC faculty pay for the principles of some students? Have demonstrators demanded divestment by their parents, or conducted sit-ins against their capitalist uncles? How many will examine the financial entanglements of potential employers when looking for a job on graduation? Can they salve their conscience only by dipping into my savings?

The debate on possible effects of investment in South Africa continues undecided. The only thing that's clear is that no one will step in to help with my retirement from the UC faculty, or that of my colleagues, should the university's investments be affected by irresponsible pressures.


Los Angeles

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