'Why Armenians Can't Forget'

Miller's article was full of allegations against Turkey, which he tried to present as facts.

However, it was very encouraging to us to read that Miller was calling on scholars to examine the historical records of the disputed era. This is exactly what the Turkish-Americans and Turks want. But we doubt that it would work. Unfortunately, Armenians cannot stand scholarly work that disagrees with their own belief. It was only a few years ago that a UCLA professor was threatened with death by the Armenian extremists because his research did not support Armenian claims against the Turks.

Miller may feel secure because from his article it is clear that he made up his mind without bothering to research the Ottoman archives. But for a historian who wants the truth, nothing but the truth, research on the Turkish-Armenian issue is, to say the least, risky.



Sen is president of the American-Turkish Assn. of Southern California.

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