Angler’s Hook, Line and Impostors

Lenny Levine in his foible about fishing for trout in California (“A Fish Tale--Hook, Line and Stinkers,” April 25) might be knowledgeable about the names of lakes in his home state of New York and the fish those lakes contain. But he’d best do a bit more fishing in California and a lot more studying before he writes another treatise on the subject.

In California, we do not fish for the cutthroat or the bullhead. Like Levine, the cutthroat is an impostor--an import from states to the east. Here the rainbow and the golden are the angler’s prey.

The brookie is indeed a beautiful specimen in any man’s creel, but no brookie ever matched the golden in beauty or ability to outwit the likes of any angler, be he from Hoboken or Tinseltown.

BILL BEEBE, columnist


Western Outdoors Publications

Costa Mesa