Boone Song Inspired by Fetus Protest

The continuing controversy over the discovery in Woodland Hills three years ago of more than 16,000 aborted fetuses from a defunct medical laboratory has inspired a song by Pat Boone.

The pop singer announced Monday that he has recorded the song “Sixteen Thousand Faces” to protest the abortions and the failure of courts to allow a mass burial for the fetuses.

“Sixteen thousand mothers disappeared without a trace,” the song says, “Sixteen thousand children stayed--each one has a face.”

Boone said the song will receive its first public exposure Sunday at a memorial service for the fetuses, organized by anti-abortion groups, at a cemetery in Monrovia.


Boone, an active supporter of religious and conservative political causes, has a singing engagement Sunday and will not be at the service. A cassette of the privately recorded song will be played instead, a spokesman for the performer said.

Anti-abortion activists and religious groups have conducted a campaign, which has included an unsuccessful appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, to get a formal burial for the fetuses.