D.A. Investigating City Council Election

The district attorney's office has acknowledged that it has begun a full-scale investigation of a City Council election held in Pomona two months ago. City Clerk Joyce Herr said she requested the investigation after she noticed that several signatures on absentee ballots did not match those on application forms.

Candace Beason of the district attorney's special investigations team said she has been reviewing information about the absentee ballots sent to her by Herr. Herr has said the information included examples of what she called forged ballots, as well as those which did not correspond to any voter registration forms on file or contained names and addresses that conflicted with previous records.

Herr said during the March 5 election that all but 12 of 785 absentee ballots had been delivered to her by the same person, but declined to name the individual. Beason would not elaborate on the nature or scope of her investigation, saying only that it was being conducted on a large scale and that "a lot of people" were being interviewed.

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