Ben Franklin's Feat

The May 14 San Diego At Large column has the sub-heading "Ben Would Get a Jolt." Quote: "Benjamin Franklin would be shocked by a recent edition of the San Diego Gas & Electric Co.'s 'Energy Notes.' " I have no ax to grind for SDG&E;, but the safety tips they listed were valid and good advice for those who like to fly kites. Quote: "The kite (should be) flown far away from power lines."

Another precaution is to make sure there's no metal in your kite or its string. And never fly a kite in rain. Writer Barry M. Horstman ends by saying, "If Franklin had followed that advice, you might be reading this by candlelight. And if that were the case, there might not be an SDG&E.;"

It's truly amazing how stupid Ben was for being so reckless as to have flown a kite in the rain, and with metal yet, and to take a chance of flying his kite into power lines, which were not there yet because electricity had not yet been discovered until Ben flew his kite in such a dangerous situation.


San Diego

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