Murder Plot

As a Sikh, I applaud the action of the FBI in breaking up the plot to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi, prime minister of India, during his visit to the United States.

The vast majority of all Sikhs pray for a peaceful resolution to their legitimate grievances with the government of India. It is only a very small group of Communist-backed terrorists that have made the word extremist and Sikh synonymous. The opposite is true, though.

Sikhs, although historically loyal and courageous soldiers, are a peace-loving people who do not want India to become another Lebanon or Northern Ireland. Unfortunately, all the press coverage focuses on the acts of a minute portion of the Sikh population. True Sikhs consider revenge as contrary to their basic beliefs.

Those terrorists who call themselves Sikhs are apostates who discredit the entire Sikh community. It is essential that the responsible news media present their accounts in a manner that correctly shows the distinctions between the millions of Sikhs who abhor the current wave of violence and the handful of those revolutionaries who masquerade as Sikhs.


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