Picus, Finn Begin Study Trip as Guests of Taipei Government


Los Angeles City Council members Joy Picus and Howard Finn, who represent the San Fernando Valley, were scheduled to travel to Taiwan this weekend as guests of the government in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan and a sister city to Los Angeles.

“I guess I’ll be visiting the local city council,” said Finn, who added he also would be looking over other government operations on the island nation.

Finn will be returning by way of Hong Kong and Bangkok, but the extra travel and stopovers will be at his own expense, he said.

Picus aide Susan Pasternak said her boss plans to study solid waste-disposal techniques in Taiwan, which she said are advanced contrasted with those used in the United States. “I understand that they don’t even have dumps there,” Pasternak said.


Picus is stopping in Bangkok and Japan on her way home, also at her own expense, Pasternak added. Both lawmakers plan to be away two weeks, staff members said.