Welcome to L.A., Mike Downey

Since moving from Michigan to California five years ago, I am always comparing and contrasting Detroit and Los Angeles. Everything from radio stations to climate, women, and, of course, sports teams. Well, after losing more East-West confrontations than Bo Schembechler, I learned to pass rather than continue to run off at the mouth.

And then one day, my dad started sending columns from Detroit by somebody other than Joe Falls. Yes, Mike Downey. Now I finally had something interesting and unique from Michigan to relate to my friends besides mosquitoes and Mark Fidrych.

Maybe I had better tell you what I do and don't know about Mike Downey:

1. I do know I had friend in high school named Mike Downey. But he ended up in jail in Texas for robbing a 7-Eleven.

2. I do not know if there is a Mike, Calif. I would, however, change my last name if I were he.

3. I do know that Mike Downey has a great sense of humor. But if you want to survive the Detroit Dead Wings and the roof of the Pontiac Silverdome, you better have.

4. I do not know why Mike Downey came to Los Angeles. The Times needs another good sportswriter like Detroit needs another retired Denny McClain.

Welcome to L.A. . . . We love it!


Santa Barbara

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