Help Available for Student Drinkers

Regarding the View Section article “Spring Prom: The Sky’s the Limit” (May 30), and student drinking and driving:

Partying should not be synonymous with alcohol. Parents should support law-enforcement policies regarding the illegal use of alcohol.

Driving drunk is dangerous not only to the driver of the car but also to his passengers and other innocent people on the road. Nearly 20,000 teens are killed annually because of drunken driving.

We cannot change teen-agers’ conception of “fun” overnight, but we can try to protect them and others they may hurt. Don’t gamble with your life and the lives of others.


SADD (Students Against Driving Drunk) at Villa Park High School in Orange County is only a phone call away. If you, or someone you are with, has been drinking, don’t let him drive. Call (714) 567-3055 for a no-questions-asked, safe ride home.

We don’t condone teen-age drinking, but at least we can offer help to those who continue to do so. Don’t let this year’s prom be your last.


Villa Park


Harvey Berman is the Students Against Drunk Driving student representative at Villa Park High School.