Lifting English Pint

I happened to see the article by Jon Gardey. I have only good things to report. I went to England with him and 14 others last September for two weeks, and even though I have traveled all over the world, this trip has no match in the combination of time for following my own agenda and being with Jon for the special trips he arranged for the group, the kind of special visits and tours that can only be set up when you have a small group.

Part of the way Jon Gardey has such wonderful trips is probably because he allows for much of the adventure to be spontaneous, according to what is going on in each community. There is a lot of room to invent your own itinerary within the informal one Jon outlines. It was a wonderrful balance.

I recommend traveling with Jon Gardey. He is going to England again this summer, I am happy to say. If you get requests for more information, his phone number is (213) 850-7101.


Santa Monica

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