Cruising Singly

Bill Hughes' April 21 article for the Mature Traveler interested me. However, he left out one of the best cruise lines that does a lot more for mature single women. The Royal Cruise Line is based in San Francisco. I took my first cruise with them in 1983 to the Panama Canal. It is the only cruise line in the U.S.A. that has male hosts to help the single women in dancing, playing cards, and etc., besides helping them on tours. They are gentlemen at all times. Any single woman need not fear of being lonesome or left out of any enjoyment. They are men of 50 years and plus.

This year I am going on their cruise, "The Best of France, Italy and Greece." Their variety of food is excellent, well-prepared, and the croissants are baked fresh every morning that just melt in your mouth. This cruise in 1985 will be my fourth cruise with them. The employees on the ship and with the firm are very pleasant, courteous and very helpful. The president is a wonderful man who shows kindness and consideration for his passengers. I have had the pleasure of meeting him several times.


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