A Tribute to Dr. Linus Pauling

Your inspiring article about Linus Pauling was truly, I’m sure, done with compassion. However, in presenting a short and personal biography, you inadvertently left this reader on a flat note.

A purpose of the article seemed to be your fear that Pauling’s memory might be overshadowed by his latest campaign for the effectiveness of Vitamin C. You seem to think he needs a clear-cut victory in order to be held in high esteem.

As the article noted, Pauling’s political stands have always been on deeply controversial topics. Even a Nobel Prize does not stop controversy about nuclear testing. It is this reader’s opinion that Pauling doesn’t need a widespread acceptance of the validity of Vitamin C’s uses. He has planted the seed. Enough concerned people will consider the source.

Closing the article with the fact that Pauling’s beloved wife died of cancer even though she was taking Vitamin C left this reader wondering what the true statement was about Pauling. This overshadowed an otherwise inspiring story of a legend in his own time.