Survey Finds Job Outlook Brighter in Thousand Oaks

The third-quarter employment outlook for Thousand Oaks is improved, while job hunters in the Oxnard and Ventura areas may have a harder time finding work, according to a survey by offices in those areas of Manpower Inc., the Milwaukee-based temporary employment service.

In Thousand Oaks, 23% of employers surveyed said they intend to increase their staffs this summer. None foresaw reductions. Last quarter, only 10% expected to hire, and 7% predicted cutbacks.

The Oxnard-Ventura office reported 20% of employers questioned expected to hire workers, and 13% expected to reduce staff size. The outlook last quarter was for 22% of firms making additions and 9% cutting back.

Figures for the third quarter of 1984 were not available from either office. Statewide, 29% of employers expect staff increases and 7% predict cutbacks. Nationally, of 12,000 employers interviewed, 26% expect increases and 7% predict cuts.

The Thousand Oaks and Oxnard-Ventura surveys predicted job opportunities in durable and non-durable goods manufacturing. The Thousand Oaks survey indicated staff increases in the service sectors. The Oxnard and Ventura areas may be in for cutbacks in mining and transportation.

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