Contadora Group Plans New Effort for Latin Accord

United Press International

The Contadora peace-seeking group hopes to have a final accord on Central American peace drafted by next month, Panamanian Foreign Minister Jorge Abadia Arias said Thursday.

In a television interview, Abadia said the five Central American nations involved in the regional conflict--Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua--have been invited to a new round of talks with the Contadora Group on Tuesday and Wednesday in Panama City.

The Contadora Group--Colombia, Mexico, Panama and Venezuela--has been searching for a negotiated settlement of the region’s conflict since 1983.

“The production of final agreements has accelerated considerably to structure a Peace Act for Contadora, which we believe optimistically could be ready around the middle of the month of July,” Abadia said.


He said the draft of the peace treaty will be submitted to the five Central American countries “so that once adjusted to the common interests of each state, we can proceed to the signing in the same month of July or at the beginning of the following month.”