Defeat of Proposition 1

Yes, Mayor Bradley, "the people have spoken," but you haven't heard what they said.

Few would dispute we need 1,000 more police--but not at the expense of an additional tax. The gut feeling is that the money is there but to be used for such a luxury as the Metro subway (to benefit the mayor's Westside supporters), which would go down to defeat if put to a vote. Remember the folly of the downtown "People Mover"?

For many months the utility bills have skyrocketed and along with it the city tax on utilities. Do the mayor and council members think the people are so stupid that they don't know all that extra money is pouring into the city coffers? To what use is it being put? Its use to provide needed police would go far to allay growing unease about city financial unaccountability.


Panorama City

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