Perhaps you can explain something to me. How can the Plitt Century Plaza Theater claim "Streetwise" as an "exclusive engagement" when it's playing simultaneously at the Fox International in Venice?

How can the Beverly Center Cineplex claim the "American premiere" of "MacArthur's Children" when I saw it in New York a week before it opened here?

Are movie ads exempt from truth-in-advertising standards?


Los Angeles

No. Nor are they exempt from human error. Plitt's "Streetwise" ad May 30 claimed exclusivity but the ad was changed for May 31 (though the "Exclusive Engagement" ad appearing June 2 in Sunday Calendar had already been printed, a Plitt spokeswoman said). As for Cineplex, a spokesman said that its May 24 ad touting an "American premiere" of "MacArthur's Children's" was an artist's mistake. "American premiere" was supposed to go with the movie "Dangerous Moves."

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