In his article on E.T. ("The Second Coming," June 16), John M. Wilson consistently misspelled the main character's name as "Elliot." Now, I doubt that many of your readers noticed the error, and I find it even less likely that any that did notice will lose a significant amount of sleep over it.

Yet, this is an issue which I must address. All my life, the vast majority of those I have come into contact with have denied me the second t in my name. I feel the time has come to right this wrong that has been inflicted upon me and my namesakes.

To facilitate the enlightenment of those who persistently misspell my name, I offer the following song as a guide (with apologies to Phil Collins):

Give me one more t ,

One more t ,

Give me one more t ,

Because that's how my name's spelled.

This is the first and only verse. Simply repeat it 1,000 times (or until Robert Hilburn howls for you to stop).



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