Hollywood Museum Feasibility Study Submitted to Officials

Archiplan, a Hollywood-based architectural and urban design planning firm, has completed and submitted to the State of California a site selection analysis and feasibility study for the proposed Hollywood Exposition Museum.

Richard W. Thompson, principal in charge of the project, said that the firm analyzed the physical requirements, including parking needs, and urban design factors.

Noting that several locations are being examined along Hollywood Boulevard between La Brea Avenue and Gower Street, he said, "Since the location of this new facility could have a significant impact on the ongoing revitalization of Hollywood, we felt it important to consider such factors as the relationship of the new facility to other Hollywood tourist attractions and locations, its ability to act as a catalyst for ongoing efforts to revitalize Hollywood, its potential for re-use of historic structures, and its potential as a major tourist attraction."

Archiplan did the analysis as part of a consultants team assembled by state Sen. David Roberti (D-Los Angeles) with funds from a preliminary grant from the state. Other consultants involved in a three-month study besides Archiplan include Economic Research Associates of Westwood, Landmark Entertainment Group of Hollywood and Lee Saylor Inc. of San Francisco.

Thompson said that the Hollywood Exposition Museum is part of an effort by the state to support the entertainment industry and increase tourism. The proposed new complex is tentatively scheduled to be 150,000 square feet in size. The three-level structure is expected to be built on 1 1/2 acres of land. The initial concept calls for the facility to include theaters, exhibits, shops and restaurants.

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