Postal Problems in Alhambra

After reading the article regarding the Alhambra post office problems (June 9), I had to laugh. Their problems are not the problems of the citizens of Alhambra, who are forced to use an old and neglected post office building.

Although the location is generally accepted as being good, we find that the post office should never have been located where it is. There is not adequate parking, and those who use the post office have to park on one side of a short street. Other post offices have off-street parking, but not here in Alhambra.

Personally, I do not care about the problems of those who work for the post office. The post office is supposed to give service, and in many other locations we get service. But here in Alhambra, we wait and wait and wait. We take a number and wait more than 30 minutes for only three clerks to assist us. Why does the City of Alhambra allow a business as large as this post office to operate without adequate parking? There is no other business in Alhambra that could do the same.

Let the personnel of the Alhambra post office fight out their problems if they must, but let the Alhambra post office operate as a big business and serve the people of Alhambra as it should.

Let Rep. Matthew Martinez worry about those citizens who use this sorry post office and not worry too much over personnel problems. Let us obtain an adequate post office here in Alhambra and adequate parking.

Robert J. Hays Sr.


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