Police Barrier

Recently, Bahai Faith sponsored a conference whereby participants looked at racial equality with regard to the nation, in general, and San Diego, in particular.

A significant point made at the conference was that racial equality is tied to respect. Ethnic or racial groups can only feel that they are valued in a society if they are treated in the same manner as others.

Along these lines, many participants felt that one barrier to racial equality for blacks, locally, is the poor relationship between the Police Department and the black community. A number of abusive incidents, over the years, have shown that far too many cops have no respect whatsoever for the rights or well-being of black people.

So it stands to reason that if the protectors of our society look at blacks with disdain, then our hopes for equality seem dim.


The Bahai conference posed this question: “If the Police Department is so bitterly opposed to a civilian review board to assist it in improving human relations, then what do they propose to help us black San Diegans feel that we belong here?”


San Diego