Real Estate Agent Helpful


After giving much thought to “Real Estate: Comeback’s New Terms,” (Part I, Page 1, May 30, I consider it my duty to relate my experience.

When it became certain that my husband and I were to lose our home to a freeway project, we contacted a young real estate agent in Hawthorne. We had looked at only three or four properties when my husband suffered a massive stroke and died within the week. When I finally indicated to the agent that I was again physically and emotionally able to look at more properties, this young man dedicated himself tirelessly to my problem.

He showed me more than 40 homes; he instinctively knew what I finally realized. I was looking for a home to share with my husband, to reflect our life style, rather than a smaller home, suitable for a widow. Because of his efforts, understanding and knowledge of the market, I found a new home that has been a delight to me since purchase nearly two years ago. He carried the purchase through to completion with no hang-ups, no disappointments or problems for me. The entire transaction went through, because of his caring and ability, like a pleasant dream. His financial reward was so nominal compared to his dedication that I feel guilt for receiving such response to my needs.


It is my sincere hope that my letter will dispel any qualms a prospective buyer may have in contacting a real estate agent. On only one or two house-hunting trips with an agent, one learns whether or not that agent is on your side, or merely wanting to push you quickly into a purchase to satisfy his greed.