Angela Davis Raps Reagan at Women's Meet

Associated Press

American black activist Angela Davis led hundreds of women in a protest of Maureen Reagan's appointment as head of the U.S. delegation to the U.N. World Conference on Women, saying she doesn't "represent the masses."

Davis, a two-time Communist Party U.S.A. vice presidential candidate, was met with shouts of agreement from a forum on women's issues Thursday when she said Maureen Reagan represented the policies of her father, President Reagan.

Davis said Reagan's policies had made America "the most sexist, the most racist, the most warlike government in the entire history of our country."

The 10-day series of seminars known as Forum '85, sponsored by non-governmental groups and organized by the Kenyan Ministry of Culture and Social Services, began Wednesday and was intended to overlap the U.N. conference, which begins Monday.

Proud of Conference Role

After arriving today at Nairobi's Kenyatta International Airport for the 12-day U.N. conference, Reagan's daughter, surrounded by the 28-member American delegation, told reporters: "We are very proud to be representing our country at this conference."

On Thursday, in a so-called "peace tent" on the university campus in this East African capital, hundreds of women shouted agreement with Davis, stamped their feet in approval and circulated a petition urging Maureen Reagan to respect the U.N. rulings on equality for women.

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