The True Blues Knock Fair-Weather Fans

I am tired of reading critical letters in The Times and feel that those of us who remained faithful to the Dodgers deserve to be heard. There are many Dodger fans like myself who are not just fair-weather friends. When our team is struggling, we should support them, not criticize everything they do.

I am tired of hearing how great the Dodgers would be doing if they still had Garvey, Lopes and Cey. While I cannot deny that those were the good old days, when I would only go to a Dodger game if I had seats on the first base line near Steve, the Dodgers are now in first place. How much better does it get? Perhaps when they win the World Series, as I know they will, the criticism will stop. But I doubt it. No matter what, I will remain true blue and proud to be a Dodger fan.


Isla Vista

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