I am distressed to no end at the constant complaining of the Los Angeles media over the lack of quality Broadway shows that come west ("What Takes So Long to Get the Hit Shows on the Road," by Barbara Isenberg, July 14).

Broadway is no longer the Mecca for theater in the United States; it has instead become the Sodom and Gomorrah. Setting aside that many of the shows you cite ("Cats," "Amadeus," and the highlight of last season, the appearance of the Royal Shakespeare Company, which came by way of the Los Angeles Olympic Arts Festival) were actually "road shows" when they opened on Broadway, I would love to see the day when L.A. critics would take home-grown shows as seriously as those from New York.

Perhaps if they gave our own Equity-Waiver theater the attention it deserved, Broadway critics would be writing about the long waits they had to go through to see shows from Los Angeles.



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