'Disservice to Community'

I was appalled by the distasteful article incorrectly titled "Jewish Identity" in the July 14 issue of the Los Angeles Times, South Bay section.

It was a disservice to the Jewish community and to those of us who have worked for many years to achieve a greater understanding between all Jewish groups in the community. I have served this community as president of the Southern Region/Jewish Federation Council, as a full-time volunteer and member of its board of directors for almost two decades and currently as editor of the Women's Conference newsletter, "Contact," and a member of the board of governors of the Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles.

Rabbi Eli Hecht of Chabad, William Bernstein, regional director of the Southern Region/Jewish Federation Council, and Lisa Kalson of the Jewish Federation "Bulletin," all relative newcomers to the southern region, might meet with Ann Johnson, the Times reporter, to see if they can restore to the Jewish community the harmony they have taken away with self-serving, simplistic answers to complex questions, unwarranted generalities and shoddy journalism.


Palos Verdes Estates

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