Pollution Credits Called Bad Idea

I wish to commend Mayor Forest Tennant of West Covina for his wisdom in fighting the Irwindale trash-to-energy plant as it is now proposed (Times, July 11). I am encouraging Monterey Park Mayor Rudy Peralta to fully support him.

As a working environmentalist, I always seek ways to better our environment. I called the Air Quality Management District to find out about purchasing pollution credits and who was responsible for this stupid idea. I learned it was their Regulation No. 13. The whole concept of "air credits" is totally idiotic. I'm in favor of trash-to-energy plants, but certainly not at the expense of further contamination by using someone else's "air credits."

If we can send a man to the moon and have technology to explore outer space, there is no reason Pacific Waste Management, which will be building the Irwindale plant, cannot build a non-polluting facility. If they can't, let a firm that can build one.

Phyllis Rabins


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