Quigley, Hansen Head San Diego AIA Award List

San Diego Mayor Roger Hedgecock and radio personality Sam Bass of KYXY-FM have presented awards to 16 San Diego architects in a contest sponsored by the San Diego chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

The Honor Awards event, called by the AIA chapter the city's largest architectural design competition, was the final event in the city's "San Diego: By Design Week." Bradley Burke, chairman of the event, said:

"Having reviewed 143 submissions, a representative cross-section of San Diego architecture, our jurors determined that San Diego's freshest design work is in commercial/retail buildings under three stories and single-family houses."

Rob Wellington Quigley and the Austin Hansen Fehlman/Group drew the highest number of awards. Following is the list of winners and their categories provided by the chapter:


Rob Wellington Quigley (Residential: Single-Family Dwelling)--The Jaeger Beach House on Sandy Lane in Del Mar. Designed as an intimate urban village to ensure privacy for family members.

Austin Hansen Fehlman/Group (Commercial/Retail/ R & D)--The Elgar Corp. plant at 9250 Brown Deer Road, San Diego. Natural lighting, water features, palm trees and glass reflect the mix of man and machine.

Pacific Associates Planners Architects, Inc. (Not-Yet-Built)--The Escondido Civic and Cultural Center, to be located at 201 N. Broadway, was designed for the city of Escondido. The theme includes use of the adjacent park, local and traditional building materials, and arches and pilasters.

Grondona Architects (Not-Yet-Built)--Vicolo, a single-family residence in Mission Hills, "captures the interior life of an Italian street, evoking the idiosyncratic aspects of that culture."


S. Scott Emsley (Residential: Single-Family Dwelling)--The Hochman residence in Leucadia, designed in a series of floating roofs separated by continuous clerestory windows.

Marc Tarasuck AIA and Associates (Residential: Single-Family Dwelling)--The remodeled Marsh home at 3772 Ibis St., San Diego, is a Craftsman-style bungalow with an addition of 400 square feet of indoor area and a large wooden deck outside.

Batter Kay Associates (Residential: Single-Family Dwelling)--The Seaview House, 1940 Seaview Ave.,. Del Mar, is layered in a spatial progression to the sea to augment view access.

Buss Silvers Hughes & Associates (Institutional/Governmental)--The National City Fire Station, 24th Street and Euclid Avenue, is composed of a wooden frame, painted stucco, metal roofing and glass block. The design allows for removable walls to create a dormitory in the event of future expansion.

Austin Hansen Fehlman/Group (Institutional/Governmental--The Camp Cedar Glen Dining Hall, Farmer Road at Winola Road in Julian, designed for the United Methodist Church, is a large hall with hardwood floors divided into three separate areas by folding doors.

RNP Architecture & Planning (Interior Architecture)--Words and Music--A Book Gallery, 3806 4th Ave., San Diego, is patterned in a checkerboard black and white, with a black grand piano as a focal design point.

Rob Wellington Quigley (Interior Architecture)--The La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art Video Room, 700 Prospect St., La Jolla. The room's parameters are defined by white scrims, extending the feeling of space within the room.

Rob Wellington Quigley (Not-Yet-Built)--Manah Partners Apartment Project, proposed in block bounded by Union, Front, Market and G streets, San Diego, and designed to include a formal garden, with four facades and corners responding to their specific urban context.


Buss Silvers Hughes & Associates (Unbuilt--San Diego)--Kim MacConnel residence, Manchester Avenue, Encinitas.

Rob Wellington Quigley (Unbuilt--San Diego)--Cathedrangel, confluence of Interstates 405 and 5, Irvine (Orange County).

Grondona Architects (Unbuilt--San Diego)--Chateau Explosif, San Diego.

Steven A. Lombardi (Special Projects)--Interior Light Sculptures, 4832 Del Mar Ave., San Diego.

The jurors for the competition were: Robert J. Frasca of Gunsul/Zimmer/Frasca, Portland, Ore.; Paul A. Kennon of CRS Sirrine Inc., Houston; Jim Jennings of Jennings & Stout, San Francisco, and Barbara Goldstein, publisher and editor, Arts and Architecture magazine, Los Angeles.

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