Hong Kong Prices

Reader Henry Ehrlich complains (June 30) that our Footloose column prices for Hong Kong were "so far incorrect that it is almost humorous," citing only that he feels it impossible to get a double room at the plush Peninsula Hotel for as little as $128.

Our notes from a recent visit, the hotel's current rate sheet and a call to its local office confirms that rooms are indeed available at that price. Such checks proved our other rates also valid.

Reader D. B. Kearn (same issue) says that our idea of moderate-cost hotels is "$85, $95 and $145 high season," when a very careful review of our columns for the past year shows that we have visited and reviewed 179 such hotels, rates for '86 during the past six months averaging $43.68 double (high-season rates included when applicable), some B&B;, and hardly in the range Kearn cites.



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