Redondo Beach

A study session on the Aviation High School campus scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Monday has been scaled down to a "briefing." The City Council decided this week not to discuss the future of the site, but rather to spend the one-hour session receiving an update from the city staff on what has been happening at the property.

City Manager Timothy Casey said it would be four to six months before the city receives an outside consultant's report on what it can do with the property. In the meantime, he said, the briefing session would bring new City Council members John Chapman and Kay Horrell up to date on how city money is being spent to maintain the campus.

Residents voted last year to preserve 14 acres of the 40-acre site for open space. The rest of the land has been sold to developers.

In a related matter, the Public Improvement Commission recommended this week that the City Council allocate money to restore the Aviation swimming pool. There has been discussion as to whether the city should demolish the pool and build a new one or salvage the existing pool.

In a letter to the City Council, the advisory commission wrote: "Maintaining and preserving the swimming pool facility at its present site will contribute greatly to providing recreational facilities in this area of our city and will also eliminate the inherent dangers of the facility being an attractive nuisance to children in the area."

City officials said youths have broken into the vacant school and used the empty swimming pool for skateboarding and other games.

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