Kaiser Opens Two Business Developments

Two business centers expected to provide employment for about 4,000 people in about 1.75 million square feet of space have opened in the East Anaheim/Yorba Linda area at total cost of $26,097,000 for land and improvements.

The two facilities, on opposite sides of the Riverside (91) Freeway, are Yorba Linda Business Park, co-developed by Kaiser Development Co. and Great American Development Co., and Kaiser Anaheim Business Center, developed by Kaiser alone.

The 33-acre Kaiser Anaheim center is on the southwest corner of Weir Canyon and Santa Ana Canyon roads, south of the freeway. It contains 17 fully improved parcels ranging from one to 4.6 acres; the cost of land and development was $10,125,000.

The Yorba Linda park, with 62 acres, fronts on La Palma Avenue just north of the freeway, near Weir Canyon Road. It offers 20 improved land parcels from 1.3 to 8.9 acres and cost $15,972.000 for land and development. Both parks plan build-to-suit programs.

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