Fess Parker Has Eye on Senate

Actor Fess Parker, best known for his television portrayal of frontier fighter Davy Crockett, says he is exploring a run for the U.S. Senate from California in 1986.

Parker, 59, said Thursday he had "done a lot of thinking about this and find I'm intrigued about it." Parker told the Associated Press in an interview that he was interested in running in next June's Republican primary for the chance to take on Democratic Sen. Alan Cranston next November.

He said he had talked with Stuart K. Spencer of Newport Beach, President Reagan's political consultant, who is trying to find a big name for the race. Although nine Republicans have already said they are interested in the Republican Senate nomination, Spencer has also talked to baseball commissioner Peter Ueberroth and actor Charlton Heston. Ueberroth and Heston have said they do not plan to run.

Parker said he would be relieved if someone talked him out of it but quoted Plato as having written that "reluctant people turned out to be more or less the most effective."

The actor has lived in Santa Barbara for 27 years, where he recently sold voters there on a convention center and hotel he wants built on the coastline.

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