Criticism for 'Waste Covina'

I read in your paper about Mayor Tennant and the Pacific Waste Management project and I feel that he has betrayed the residents of his own city of West Covina. He is like the doctor who treats and cures all his patients but his own ailing family get no treatment, or the shoemaker whose kids go without shoes.

If Tennant had made 10% of the effort to stop toxic waste dumping at the Ben K. Kazarian dump as he is making now in Irwindale, there would be 400 million gallons less toxic chemicals buried in West Covina, working their way to the water table and continuing to emit poisons in the air. And I would not have been forced to leave my home in desperation fearing for my health.

But the last straw, Dr. Tennant, was your pro-BKK vote to approve the toxic gas burning project without a scrubber for the toxic exhaust going into community air. Thanks for doing nothing to help "Waste Covina."

Geraldine Gilman

(formerly of Waste Covina)

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