New Zealand Benefits

Last November I noticed an item concerning June Hawes and the New Zealand Travel Hosts. I contacted her and report that the results were totally beneficial. Mrs. Hawes arranged about 80% of my bed-and-breakfast travel and in each case I found very suitable conditions.

She also made the introduction which enabled me, before departure for New Zealand, to open an account at her branch of the Bank of New Zealand. This gave me an immediate cash flow with no ID hassle regardless of where I happened to be. For the traveler on a budget, the way to go is New Zealand Travel Hosts, 279 Williams St., Kaiapoi, Canterbury, New Zealand. Exclusive of air fare and irresistible bargains my trip, thanks to June Hawes, cost me about $21 a day, and that includes about $70 in postage and a heckuva lot of golf.


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