Disneyland recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, and...

Disneyland recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, and now another children's institution, the Muppets, is about to do the same. In the works for CBS is "The Muppets' 30th Anniversary Special," a program about the many accomplishments of Jim Henson's puppet creations since Kermit the Frog first appeared on TV in 1955. The show will include clips from the various series and specials on which the Muppets have appeared and from their feature films.

Jaclyn Smith will star again as lawyer Jennifer Parker in a sequel to the 1983 TV movie "Rage of Angels." A four-hour sequel for NBC, "Sidney Sheldon's Rage of Angels: The Story Continues" is due to go into production early next year. The story takes up where the last one left off and will feature Parker trying to balance her personal and professional lives.

Actor-turned-writer George Kennedy will perform both jobs for ABC's "Benson" this season. He's writing a two-part story in which Benson (Robert Guillaume) is suspected of murdering a Hollywood director. Kennedy will star in the show as an old Army buddy who helps Benson find the real murderer. . . . Also coming on "Benson" this season: Clayton Endicott (Rene Auberjonois) is promoted from the governor's administrative assistant to budget director.

People: Barbara Carrera will be featured on "Dallas" this season, playing the head of a foreign shipping company. . . . Lorna Luft, daughter of the late Judy Garland, has joined the cast of "Trapper John, M.D.," where she will play a nurse. . . . Maxwell Caulfield, who has acting credits in stage, TV and films, will star as Myles Colby, son of Jason Colby (Charlton Heston), in "Dynasty II: The Colbys."

Hosts Dick Clark and Ed McMahon won't be the only regulars on "TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes" next season. In recent weeks the NBC show has added to its roster comedians Jay Leno, Avery Schreiber, Pat McCormick and Wil Shriner and actor Chuck McCann.

A custody battle is the subject of "In the Best Interest of Tracey," a TV movie in the works for NBC. Lindsay Wagner and Chris Sarandon portray a married couple who have adopted an infant; Nancy McKeon of "The Facts of Life" plays the teen-age mother who decides, four months after giving birth, that she wants the child back.

Jacqueline Bisset and Michael York are among the performers who will discuss their craft with Arthur Allan Seidelman during the second season of "Actors on Acting." The local series, produced by Larry Gilbert for KCET Channel 28, will air again in the fall. It recently won a Los Angeles-area Emmy as best information series.

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