Our Readers Write : Billboard Legislation Critics Win--for Now

Through the combined efforts of many, we were successful in getting the state Senate Transportation Committee’s attention. AB 1279 (which would have required Caltrans to clear vegetation near billboards) was withdrawn from the committee by the author, Assemblyman Louis J. Papan (D-Millbrae). It can, and probably will, resurface in January, so we still have to be watchful.

We thank Sam Hall Kaplan for his challenging sentiments in “Woodsman, Spare That Billboard!” That June 23 article calling widespread attention to the bill and then followed by the editorial in the Los Angeles Times certainly played a major part in this decision to withdraw the bill at this time.

We appreciate tremendously all your efforts to keep our city “on its toes with its best foot forward!” Thank you for your abiding concern in our city and our environment and for helping to keep “Los Angeles Beautiful!”



Los Angeles

Watson is executive director of Los Angeles Beautiful.