Manhattan Beach

The City Council has approved a long-term plan to widen Sepulveda Boulevard to four lanes from three in each direction by requiring new developments to be set back from the highway.

The plan requires developers, when proposing a new project, to dedicate a 12-foot strip of land along the length of the project for a new traffic lane. The city will pay to construct the lane.

The plan was adopted by a 4-1 vote, with Councilman Gil Archuletta dissenting. He said he prefered making the developers pay for the new traffic lane, because it would enhance their projects.

But Councilman Russ Lesser, who introduced the plan last month, said the city should pay for the lane because an additional traffic lane will most benefit residents.

"The fact is we are not doing this to aid the businesses along Sepulveda, we are doing it to get traffic through town as fast as possible," Lesser said.

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